At the heart of our commitment to sustainability are the following core elements:

1. Our People are our greatest asset. Their Safety is our priority, their development is a key to our success. See our Health & Safety page

2. From an environmental perspective, we are proud of our unique capability to produce charcoal ?based biomass in Brazil (see Bionergia page) to use in our production instead of extractive coke. In Europe, our production route is based on electric arc furnaces using recyclable scrap. See the Press Release on our 2030 and carbon neutrality objectives.

3. We also procure intelligent steel solutions to our customers to assist them in developing energy ?efficiency end ?products.

4. As a producer of 100% recyclable products, we fully promote the circular economy. And so we do, primarily through an extensive usage of scraps ranking our steels among the best, in terms of carbon footprint, also through our fully ?owned Recyco subsidiary which recovers metallic contents from melting shop dusts, and eventually through our zero?waste objective (for landfill). See our Waste & Recycling page

5. In terms of Governance, Aperam aims for the best practices. We strive to maintain constant engagement, benevolence and transparency, with all our stakeholders. See our Governance page


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Aperam is now a member of ResponsibleSteel ?, the industry's first global multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative!

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As an energy? intensive industry,?environmental stewardship is not only key to our sustainable profitability, it is also part of our civic responsibility.

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Our people are colleagues with whom we share values and a common future. Their safety is our non-?negotiable?priority.

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Aperam is committed to applying best practices in corporate governance and in its dealings with all its stakeholders. We are also fully committed?to ensuring transparency and the quality of our reporting.

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Corporate Citizenship
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