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Aperam offers a comprehensive and innovative range of stainless steel solutions in the market (up to 2 meters wide) in order to satisfy the wide variety of expectations: A stainless solution tailor-made for each customer.

Aperam serves a large range of industries: automotive, household appliances, food processing, catering, heating, architecture, building and construction, desalination, oil & gas, nuclear, chemical processing, and transport.   

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Our stainless steels solutions, the most complete range available on the market.



Business has never been so simple.

Order stainless steel quickly and easily with e-aperam

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Within our product range, you have a wide-ranging choice between:

AusteniticsAustenitics with Mn?Austenitics with Mo?Ferritics-KARAMartensiticsDuplexSurface Finishes?

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The selling prices of stainless steels depend on the market prices for the constituent alloying elements, particularly that of nickel. The alloying values of the next month will be published at the 25th of the current month.

Alloys Surcharge

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Aperam is committed to meeting your needs in terms of proximity and availability. Through our sales network, you benefit from a large organisation and the proximity of our entities to your business means we can?respond at all levels. We will meet your demands with Stainless?solutions. Select your country to contact our local team.

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