Second quarter 2020?results

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Net income

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07/29/2020 - Roadshow Presentation - Second quarter 2020 results


06/05/2020 - Roadshow Presentation - First Quarter 2020 results

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Find out on which exchanges Aperam’s shares are trading.


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The analysts listed below regularly publish research reports on Aperam. Please note that this list is provided for information purposes only and may change when a company initiates or cancels coverage of Aperam. The recommendations, forecasts and opinions expressed in these reports are those of the analysts and do not represent the recommendations, forecasts and opinions of Aperam and its management.


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Minutes and notes from Aperam’s general and annual shareholder meetings.


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In coherence with Aperam’s financial policy, remaining* extra cash will be utilized in the most optimum way. This includes share buy backs.??

* after investing in the company’s sustainability, in value accretive growth and M&A, and paying dividend.



In coherence with Aperam’s Financial Policy, Aperam’s dividend policy consists of a base dividend, anticipated to progressively increase over time. The Company targets a Net Financial Debt/EBITDA ratio of <1x (through the cycle). In the (unlikely) event that Net Financial Debt/EBITDA exceeds 1x, then the Company will review the dividend policy



The spin-off of the stainless business from ArcelorMittal was proposed to the ArcelorMittal shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting in Luxembourg on 25 January 2011. The ArcelorMitttal shareholders approved the transaction. As a result, they became shareholders of the new company, Aperam, at an exchange ratio of 20 ArcelorMittal shares for 1 share of the new company.?


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More info: Euronext


Investor Relations
Thorsten Zimmermann
Head of Investor Relations

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