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Aperam Stainless Trading Co. Ltd
17L, Huadu Building, 828 Zhangyang Road
Pudong, Shangai
T: +85 294 59 52 32 / E:
T: +86 21 68 59 02 00 202 / E:
T: +86 21 68 59 02 00 205 / E:

Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions International’s Shanghai office is the exclusive sales and marketing office in China and Hong Kong for all Aperam Group stainless steel products. Although specialised in the production of such flat products as two-metre-wide sheets and coils, we also offer a range of tailor-made stainless flat precision, stainless tubes and stainless bars.
From our manufacturing units in France, Belgium and Brazil, along with several service centres spread across Europe, the USA and South America, we produce and transform a wide range of standard and duplex stainless grades. Our products serve a number of sectors, including: energy, household appliances, catering, building, automotive, industry, aeronautics - and more.

Let us find a stainless solution that’s right for you.


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Stainless Flat & Precision
Kevin Chan
Country Manager +852 2314 9469


Stainless Flat Bars & Slit Coils
General Contact


Stainless Tubes
General Contact

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Strips in thin and extra-thin thicknesses offer (0.060 to 2.50 mm)


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Discover our flat bars and slit coils offer


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Stainless steel tubes for automotive, decorative and other industries



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